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Hi there, my name’s Dave Jackson. I own a couple of small businesses; Jackomedia Limited offers marketing advice and support and David Jackson Associates, which offers website design and internet marketing, alongside developing various internet based projects. I write about small business and have a passion for helping small businesses to survive and thrive in this challenging economy. I’ve started to connect with people using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You will find links to my social media pages on this site. I’d love to connect with like-minded people and share ideas and experiences.

As well as my passion for small business development and marketing I’m also interested in social politics, entrepreneurship, self reliance and the developing ‘new’ economy. If that all sounds a little too heavy, I also love football, movies, music and TV, (although I never seem to have enough time for any of them!). As you can see from any of my photographs, I’m very overweight. My weight has been an issue for the last few years and spending over 12 hours a day sat in front of a computer screen doesn’t help. I can’t seem to find that balance between work, exercise and healthy eating.

So that’s a little about me. I hope this website and blog will be thought provoking and may help others in some way.

I’m based in the United Kingdom, in a small village in the Northamptonshire countryside.

If you’d like some help with your marketing check out – www.JackomediaLimited.co.uk for website design and internet marketing, check out www.D-J-A.com.

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