Born Bankrupt – Jeff Randall – Sky News

Every adult in the UK should sit down and watch ‘Born Bankrupt’ by Jeff Randall, especially business owners. In the programme, Jeff Randall explains in a clear and concise way, the shocking extent of the UK’s public and private debt and how the future generations will have to pay for such reckless spending. The programme doesn’t shy away from the stark reality and explains how politicians have mislead the public to the true extent of public borrowing. If you run a business, it’s against this dire financial backdrop in which you have to operate. We have to adapt to this harsh new economy. Of course, there are still opportunities out there and it’s only businesses that can drag this country out of this situation. We definitely can’t rely on politicians to tell the truth. They will happily sacrifice the futures of generations to come, in order to win our votes. Time to knuckle down and do everything we can to survive and thrive in this bankrupt economy and to make sure we don’t become one of the victims of this cataclysmic financial mis-management. And to think one of Gordon Brown’s favourite sound bite words was ‘prudent’. Need I say more?

You can watch the ‘Born Bankrupt’ by Jeff Randall, Sky News here –

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