Roy Hodgson England Manager

Roy Hodgson confirmed as England Manager

It’s official, Roy Hodgson is England’s new manager. Am I excited by his appointment? No, to be honest. I, along with many other England fans, have been looking forward to Harry Redknapp taking charge and injecting some excitement into the England set up. Of course, we don’t know what’s gone on behind the scenes, but there’s no denying it’s a disappointment and a missed opportunity.

Still, we are where we are. I’ve nothing against Roy Hodgson; he seems to be a thoroughly decent bloke. And he’s respected by his peers. However, I do feel he’ll struggle with the press, especially if things go badly. His time at Liverpool doesn’t inspire confidence. Plus, many big players were championing Harry for the job. They’re bound to be disappointed. Will Roy Hodgson be able to win them round and motivate them?

On the positive side, he does have years of experience and has many notable achievements to his name. He’s English and he’s the England manager, so let’s all give him a chance. It’s no fault of his that Harry didn’t get the job. That’s down to the suits at the FA. We need to all get behind him and the team for the Euro’s.

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