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Derby Day Has Dawned

City United Derby
The Biggest City United Derby

As you woke this morning what was the first thing to enter your mind? If you’re a Manchester United or Manchester City supporter it was probably the match tonight. The last week has certainly dragged on for me. No matter what I’m doing, tonight’s match is never far from my thoughts. This is a massive game. I can’t remember feeling so nervous and apprehensive about a match before. No doubt I have, but now, today, this is United’s most important game for years.

I can never really enjoy games such as the clash tonight. They’re endured, rather than enjoyed. I’m such a pessimist when it comes to football. If we win, my first feeling will be one of relief, before the elation kicks in. I can’t comprehend any loss. I know people who don’t understand football think it’s pathetic how important the result of a game is to supporters. I can’t explain or justify how big an impact football has on my life. It’s irrational maybe, but it’s real to me, and millions of other fans. Continue reading