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Born Bankrupt – Jeff Randall – Sky News

Every adult in the UK should sit down and watch ‘Born Bankrupt’ by Jeff Randall, especially business owners. In the programme, Jeff Randall explains in a clear and concise way, the shocking extent of the UK’s public and private debt and how the future generations will have to pay for such reckless spending. The programme doesn’t shy away from the stark reality and explains how politicians have mislead the public to the true extent of public borrowing. Continue reading

Is the UK in recession?

So the OECD predicts recession in the UK. I must say, I can’t see any signs of the growth we desperately need, and I can’t see any significant growth for many years to come. We in the UK are going to have to learn to adjust to lower living standards. The growth experienced over recent years was fuelled by cheap credit, which in turn led to rampant consumerism. It wasn’t ‘real’ growth and we are paying the price now. I fear we are going to have to get used to living in this harsh ‘new’ economy for years to come. Continue reading