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Born Bankrupt – Jeff Randall – Sky News

Every adult in the UK should sit down and watch ‘Born Bankrupt’ by Jeff Randall, especially business owners. In the programme, Jeff Randall explains in a clear and concise way, the shocking extent of the UK’s public and private debt and how the future generations will have to pay for such reckless spending. The programme doesn’t shy away from the stark reality and explains how politicians have mislead the public to the true extent of public borrowing. Continue reading

Homeland Season One Conclusion

Homeland on Channel 4
Homeland Season One

I’m gonna miss ‘Homeland’. It’s become something of a Sunday night ritual over the last few weeks; settling down to get my weekly fix of this absorbing drama. It’s been a hugely enjoyable series and last night was the final episode of Season One. I’ll not go into detail about how it ends in case someone reading this hasn’t seen the last episode. Suffice to say, it lived up to the high standards set by previous episodes. It was full of tension, kept you thinking, threw in a few surprises and left you wishing Season Two was starting next week.

The performances of Damian Lewis (Brody) and Clare Danes (Carrie) were particularly impressive throughout the whole series. I liked how they played strong characters suffering personal fragilities. The producers paced the storytelling just right; using the various twists and turns to great effect. Continue reading

The Apprentice Returns

So the British version of ‘The Apprentice’ returns tonight. Now, I know I shouldn’t really be wasting my valuable time watching a reality show, but I make an exception in this case. I’ve only recently finished watching ‘The Celebrity Apprentice USA’ on the BBC’s iplayer catch up, but my appetite for more hasn’t diminished. Continue reading

The Celebrity Apprentice USA

Anyone else in the UK loving ‘The Celebrity Apprentice USA’? It’s on BBC One at some ridiculously late hour, on several nights a week, but thanks to the iPlayer I have been able to watch it at a more suitable time. As you may know, the boss is the shy, retiring, publicity shy and ever modest Donald Trump! He certainly has a giant ego and despite the celebrities, is the star of the show. And he does a good job. I like him. You can certainly see why he has been so successful. He never misses a chance to push the Trump brand or the careers of his offspring. Continue reading

Hooked on Homeland

I made a special effort to watch the first episode of ‘Homeland’ on Channel 4 this Sunday evening. The trailers had drawn me in and I’d read that it was made by the producers of ‘24’, so my expectations were high. I wasn’t disappointed; I’ll certainly look forward to Sunday evenings for the next few weeks. Yes, I’m hooked already.

The first episode grabs you from the very start. Continue reading