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United We Stand

Agony for Rooney and United

Yesterdays remarkable events confirmed just why I’m such a pessimist when it comes to football. Even after all United’s recent success, I never take anything for granted. I’ve supported United for a long, long time and therefore remember the years before Sir Alex, when we hardly won anything. Don’t get me wrong, those barren years were still full of fantastic memories. Supporting United, whether in the old Second Division, or winning the Treble, it’s all the same to me.

Okay, I can’t deny I was disappointed yesterday. To say the least! But we shouldn’t forget that we pushed City all the way, right to the final few kicks of the entire season. It wasn’t yesterday when we lost it. I was almost as disappointed at the Everton game. To be leading 4-2, with eight minutes to go, I more or less accepted it wasn’t going to be our year when Everton scored the equaliser to make it 4-4. Of course, I hadn’t completely given up hope but in my gut I think I knew it wasn’t to be. Continue reading

Football, it’s a funny old game

It’s a funny old game

Oft quoted by Greavsie, years ago, on his ‘Saint and Greavsie’ tv show; and proved to be true in so many unlikely football scenarios. Time after time, the seemingly impossible does happen. Unfortunately, as a United fan, I’m hoping for the seemingly impossible to happen next Sunday. Can QPR, with a terrible record away from home, snatch a point at The Etihad Stadium, where Manchester City have only dropped points to Sunderland all season? And if they do, can United beat Sunderland at their place?

I’ve never been one to rely on another team helping United out; but I was yesterday, hoping the Geordie’s would at least earn a draw against City. Alas, it was not to be. So now City, with one hand on the trophy, only have to beat QPR on Sunday, to win their first Title since 1968. But could this Title run-in still have a massive twist in the tail? Continue reading

Advantage City

So it’s the morning after the night before. A night full of disappointment…of epic proportions. During most of the game I had that numb feeling and it’s the same this morning. Just feel ‘empty’. It began when I heard the team selection. I understand the arguments for picking that starting line up, but it signalled we were going to be happy scrapping for a draw, or hoping for a lucky breakaway goal to snatch a win. Many pundits were likening the selection and formation to the way we play in Europe. Enough said, considering our woeful displays this season. It may be criticised as being tactically naive but I always prefer it when we pick an attacking team, signalling our intent. Like when we beat City, at The Etihad, in the F. A. Cup, earlier this season. We started with Rooney, Welbeck, Valencia and Nani and went for the jugular. We stormed to a 3-0 half time lead and hung on in the second half to win 3-2. Continue reading

Derby Day Has Dawned

City United Derby
The Biggest City United Derby

As you woke this morning what was the first thing to enter your mind? If you’re a Manchester United or Manchester City supporter it was probably the match tonight. The last week has certainly dragged on for me. No matter what I’m doing, tonight’s match is never far from my thoughts. This is a massive game. I can’t remember feeling so nervous and apprehensive about a match before. No doubt I have, but now, today, this is United’s most important game for years.

I can never really enjoy games such as the clash tonight. They’re endured, rather than enjoyed. I’m such a pessimist when it comes to football. If we win, my first feeling will be one of relief, before the elation kicks in. I can’t comprehend any loss. I know people who don’t understand football think it’s pathetic how important the result of a game is to supporters. I can’t explain or justify how big an impact football has on my life. It’s irrational maybe, but it’s real to me, and millions of other fans. Continue reading

Title Up For Grabs

We threw it away

Despite supporting the most successful club side in England I still have a rather fatalist attitude when it comes to United. Maybe it was the early years when I became all too familiar with disappointment and regular mocking from Leeds and Liverpool supporters in particular. I’ve supported United since I first became aware of this fantastic game we call football and found my first hero in George Best. With George, you lived for his brilliance, but there’s no denying the disappointments that came with idolising a flawed genius. I also remember the disappointment of relegation, when a loss to City, of all teams, sent us down. And even though the recent years have bought unprecedented success, we always seem to do it the hard way. United make us suffer in victory. That’s what makes any eventual victory that much sweeter, I suppose. And here we go again. Continue reading

United Restore Gap

Rooney double helps sink Villa
Rooney double helps United

Manchester United have restored their lead to five points in the Premier League Title race with City. The games are fast running out with only four remaining. As I always tend to be rather pessimistic when it comes to football I was fearing the worst. Surely Villa couldn’t deny us all three points. Not another shock result like the Blackburn home defeat. I was half expecting a torturous goalless draw to be honest. Thankfully, it turned out to be anything but. It was just the result we needed; a convincing win, three points and a reduction in goal difference.

We have Everton at home next, a 12.30pm kick off next Sunday 22nd. City play later, away to Wolves. Hopefully, when they kick off their game we’ll be eight points clear. It will be interesting to see how Everton react to their FA Cup Semi-Final defeat to Liverpool. I’m expecting a tough match. Continue reading

Red Devils Slip Up

Wigan 1 United 0

When I compared the remaining fixtures for both United and City a few games ago I put this one down as a draw for United and a win for City. So, I expected City to catch up at this stage. I was only a point out. However, I must admit I’m a little concerned, based on United’s overall performance. It wasn’t good. And City scored four with no reply. That must put an extra spring in their step for the next game.

City play on Saturday 14th April, away to Norwich City. On my list of remaining games I have this one down as a draw. Norwich have been impressive this season and City have struggled away from home. But if City do win, the gap at the top will be down to just two points, putting extra pressure on United when they play on Sunday 15th April. We have Aston Villa at home and I have this one down as a home win. If we slip up again it really will be ‘squeaky bum’ time as Sir Alex would say. Continue reading

United Extend Lead

Ashley Young celebrates
Ashley Young celebrates

Manchester United extended their lead in the Premier League to five points over their City rivals last night. With seven games to play our fate is in our own hands. Pre match I was worried as usual. Blackburn has not been a happy hunting ground over the years and they are fighting for survival and hit a run of good form. As I have resisted subscribing to Sky I was listening to the match of BBC’s FiveLive whilst attempting some work. United had most of the possession but it was Blackburn who created the best chances. It was only thanks to David De Gea that we went in at half time on level terms.  I don’t mind admitting that I had the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wasn’t able to concentrate on work and left the office and listened to the second half sat in the dark. Continue reading

United Out Of Europe

Manchester United were dealt a harsh football lesson for the second time by an excellent Athletic Bilbao team. As a United fan, I must admit, despite our Premier League position, I have been worried by some of our performances this season, particularly in Europe. All too often we have come up short. Over the two legs, Athletic Bilbao were totally dominant in virtually all areas. In fact, the 5-3 aggregate score flatters us. They were quicker, more inventive, pressured us when we had possession and could have score 4 or 5. So what do United need to do in order to compete in Europe next year? Continue reading