The Celebrity Apprentice USA

Anyone else in the UK loving ‘The Celebrity Apprentice USA’? It’s on BBC One at some ridiculously late hour, on several nights a week, but thanks to the iPlayer I have been able to watch it at a more suitable time. As you may know, the boss is the shy, retiring, publicity shy and ever modest Donald Trump! He certainly has a giant ego and despite the celebrities, is the star of the show. And he does a good job. I like him. You can certainly see why he has been so successful. He never misses a chance to push the Trump brand or the careers of his offspring.

I’m a fan of the UK version of The Apprentice, with our own Sir Alan Sugar, and this American version is every bit as entertaining. It doesn’t matter that you may not be familiar with some (or most) of the celebrities. It’s the familiar format that provides the entertainment. It may not teach you much about business but it’s certainly a good watch. Many of the situations may be staged but it doesn’t seem to matter somehow. You still get all back biting, double dealing and back stabbing, culminating in the boardroom and firing. If you’re also a fan of the British show, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this US version. Check out the BBC’s iPlayer to catch up on past shows.

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