Title Up For Grabs

We threw it away

Despite supporting the most successful club side in England I still have a rather fatalist attitude when it comes to United. Maybe it was the early years when I became all too familiar with disappointment and regular mocking from Leeds and Liverpool supporters in particular. I’ve supported United since I first became aware of this fantastic game we call football and found my first hero in George Best. With George, you lived for his brilliance, but there’s no denying the disappointments that came with idolising a flawed genius. I also remember the disappointment of relegation, when a loss to City, of all teams, sent us down. And even though the recent years have bought unprecedented success, we always seem to do it the hard way. United make us suffer in victory. That’s what makes any eventual victory that much sweeter, I suppose. And here we go again.

A few matches ago we were eight points clear and were being lauded as ‘Champions Elect’. But not by me. My pessimism would never allow such thoughts. I‘ve been around too long to take anything for granted. Particularly when it comes to football and United. Still, here we are. City have cut our lead down to three points. There are just three games to go. And our next game is away to City on Monday April 30th in an evening kick off. I felt nervous enough before and during our match with Everton today, so I know I’ll not be feeling good come that Monday evening. I see Sir Alex is calling it ‘the biggest derby’. Of course, it will be magnificent to beat City in much a momentous match.

I was working at another business today and could only follow the game on my laptop. It sounded like an amazing match for the neutral. But I didn’t enjoy it at all. I was convinced we would end up dropping points and so it turned out to be. And in such a dramatic fashion. When was the last time Everton scored four goals, away from home? If I hadn’t have known the result and heard an announcer say Manchester United four, even I would have thought we had won. I just couldn’t see Everton scoring four goals away from home. Scraping a nil-nil draw, yes. But not a four all draw.

Of course, City didn’t slip up away to doomed Wolves and duly delivered a two nil away win. My stress levels are going to be increasing, as we approach Monday night. The only result that’s going to get them back to normal is a United win. We can’t allow City to snatch this Title from our grasp. It’s time to step up lads. We know you can do it. Bring it on. Come on United!

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