What is the Triple Quest?

Hi and a warm welcome to my Triple Quest (3Q) blog.

My name’s Dave Jackson. I own a couple of small businesses, based in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. This is primarily my personal blog, although I will be discussing business also. When considering some of the subjects I’m likely to write about, it became apparent that they could be broadly put into three categories – Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Throughout our lives, whether consciously or otherwise, most of us would agree that we strife for a healthy, wealthy and happy life. We wish the same for our loved ones. Perhaps we don’t sit down and give it much thought but we are somehow pre-programmed to live our lives in such a way to attain these three cherished aims.

We have different levels of success in each of the three different areas. You can have immensely wealthy people who are very unhappy, or poor families who hardly have enough to eat, who are happier than you would have imagined. Personally, I know I would like to be healthy, wealthy and happy. I try more in some areas than others, but I can’t claim to have been successful in any of the areas. Not to the extent I’d like to be anyway. Why is that? Is there some vital ingredient I’m missing? It’s a subject that interests me and will hopefully interest others also.

Writing will make me think about it on a deeper level. I’m on a quest, a Triple Quest, to discover and understand the secrets to living a healthy, wealthy and happy life. I hope you decide to join me and I’d love to hear of any of your thoughts or experiences along the way.

My Triple Quest begins.

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