United We Stand

Agony for Rooney and United

Yesterdays remarkable events confirmed just why I’m such a pessimist when it comes to football. Even after all United’s recent success, I never take anything for granted. I’ve supported United for a long, long time and therefore remember the years before Sir Alex, when we hardly won anything. Don’t get me wrong, those barren years were still full of fantastic memories. Supporting United, whether in the old Second Division, or winning the Treble, it’s all the same to me.

Okay, I can’t deny I was disappointed yesterday. To say the least! But we shouldn’t forget that we pushed City all the way, right to the final few kicks of the entire season. It wasn’t yesterday when we lost it. I was almost as disappointed at the Everton game. To be leading 4-2, with eight minutes to go, I more or less accepted it wasn’t going to be our year when Everton scored the equaliser to make it 4-4. Of course, I hadn’t completely given up hope but in my gut I think I knew it wasn’t to be.

That was until yesterday with about five minutes to go. Only then did I dare to believe that we could really snatch the Title back from City’s grasp. Yes, there was that voice in my head saying City were still going to win, but I don’t think I really thought they would. But, they did and my pessimism was justified. It must have been absolutely fantastic for all true City fans, to win it in such a dramatic fashion. They’ll remember it forever, and good luck to them.

They have something to live up to now. They are no longer the unlucky losers, with a history of glorious failure. As Fergie rightly says, it will take a 100 years before they can match United’s history. Still, this dramatic Title victory gets them off to a good start and they have eventually joined us at the top table. Can they cope with the extra pressure that will bring? Time will tell. United will relish the challenge. You can only really appreciate victory when you have suffered the pain of defeat. Yesterday hurt, but United we stand. Taking the Title back from City will be a massive incentive for next season. Looking forward to it already.

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